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Integrated Management System Policy

We set out with all of our tourism companies under Serenity Hotels to make our mark among the top brands in the industry. In this journey, we think that top quality service is not a dream, but the golden standard for sustainable guest satisfaction, permanence in the industry and the implementations we will pioneer.
The dynamics of our brand consist of our innovative staff with leader mentalities, management teams, who can clearly analyze the needs and gaps of the industry, management systems that designate our standards that set examples for our competitors in both services and implementations, our stakeholders and suppliers we select meticulously, and our guest portfolio, whose faith we guarantee to never break.
We strive for productivity and continuity in working by creating a brand, loved by our employees. To that end, we are careful in making sure that all of our staff members in all levels of our brand participate in management systems, thanks to our transparent management system, and understand all aspects of our corporate identity.
For us, guest satisfaction is not an outcome, but a necessity for our brand. This is why we are very careful in evaluating feedback from our guests and relay our perfectionist satisfaction approach to all of our guests through measurement, analyses and improvements.
Best practices in production are carried out via flawless measurement, analysis and control methods. For this reason, we supervise the production of all food products we offer to our guests from soil to plates because the mentality that prioritizes health over all else is the starting point of the service we provide to guests.
In today’s world, where ecological issues represent the biggest problem, neither our brand nor our enterprises are ever engaged with approaches that would damage the environment. On the contrary, we rigorously deploy follow-up and control mechanisms to detect and prevent potential harms to the environment and attempt to spread our reliable and sustainable environmental management policies to set an example for our competitors. Moreover, we collaborate with official institutions, local administrations, supplier firms and non-governmental organizations to contribute to the production and implementation of environmental protection and social responsibility projects.

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